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Q & A

Q. How do home inspections help me as a realtor?
A. Faster, smoother transactions and result in more confident, satisfied buyers. They also help protect you by identifying many issues to avoid a lot of the post-closing hassles. Be sure to find out if the inspector you recommend helps reduce your risk by offering extensive errors and omissions insurance, as well as agent indemnification coverage to further protect you when referring their services.

Q. How long should a thorough inspection take?

A. That answer depends on the size and condition of the home. At AmeriSpec, an average home inspection takes about two to three hours to complete.

Q. Should I recommend a home inspector to my clients?

A. Most home buyers say that they chose their inspector based on a recommendation by their real estate agent. Clients look to you as an expert and depend on your guidance in all facets of the real estate transaction process. However, some real estate professionals are more comfortable recommending two or three home inspectors, and encouraging their clients to choose from those. Just make sure that the people you recommend are qualified professionals with strong track records of service and stability.

Q. Should cost be an important factor?

A. While cost is a consideration, it should not be the deciding factor when choosing a home inspector. In fact, the price of a home inspection should be viewed as a value, not as a cost. For example, a professional home inspector will take the time to perform a thorough, complete visual examination of multiple components and systems in the home, and will submit a comprehensive inspection report. This type of inspection will likely cost more than a mechanical inspection that produces a short checklist. Instead of considering cost, advise your clients to consider value. The value of a comprehensive inspection will be far greater to you and your client.

Q. Should clients be present at the inspection?

A. Yes! You should be welcome to attend as well. When the client is present, they have the opportunity to view first-hand what the inspector sees and have the ability to ask questions. In fact, a caring home inspector will want to help educate the homebuyer about the home's systems and structure. AmeriSpec inspectors take pride in pointing out specifics about the home to help homebuyers become familiar with their new property. Beware of inspectors who might not want the client present.

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